About Us

In 2008, Resource Suites was among the pioneers that brought the remote work business model to Hawaii. We are not just a virtual office or office business center. We are that sweet spot that lies in between. We like to consider ourselves…
The HYBRID office. Many virtual office centers are part of a corporation, franchise, or network. Resource Suites is proud to be an independent local company helping other businesses start, grow, and thrive.

Mission Statement

We are committed to helping you succeed by providing superior services and resources to ensure that your business thrives and contributes to a flourishing Hawaii economy.

Vision Statement

To profoundly impact Hawaii’s business community through all stages of growth.

Core Values

Supporting entrepreneurs in business growth, stability, and longevity.

Rebranded to Better Reflect Our Values

The Building Silhouette

This represents our location, the prestigious Waikiki Landmark building.

The Envelope

The envelope embedded in the building represents what we do, provide businesses with a business address. It also represents building relationships, as mail is one way in which people connect.

The Ohi’a Lehua

The bright red Ohi’a lehua epitomizes our spirit. It may look dainty and delicate, however, the plant itself is incredibly strong. Ohi’a can live in close proximity to toxic volcanic gas, which shows its resiliency and ability to handle extreme situations.
It is a reflection of how Resource Suites has survived extreme conditions over the years, including the pandemic.

The Ohi’a lehua is endemic to Hawai’i, which speaks to Resource Suites’ position as a local business with a commitment to serving our local community.

Hawaiians used both the bark of the tree as well as the flower to serve myriad needs, making the plant a valuable resource. At Resource Suites, we aim to connect entrepreneurs with resources to help fulfill their business needs, making us a valuable resource for local businesses.

The Ohi’a lehua represents us as a local resource to entrepreneurs, and our ability to thrive in extreme conditions.