Meeting Spaces in Honolulu

For small groups of up to 4 people

Are you tired of meeting with potential or current clients in coffee shops or less-than-private meeting spaces in Honolulu? At Resource Suites, we get it. You’re a business owner. It is crucial to present yourself in the best light and maintain a professional image. Whether you’re a client of ours or not, our meeting rooms are available to you. Even if you’re just visiting Honolulu on a business trip, reserve one of our meeting spaces for interviews, consultations, or discreet meetings. Free internet with each reservation. When you book one of our meeting rooms, send us your logo and we’ll create a door sign and post it at the entrance of the space you reserved. That is your office for the duration of your reservation.

Conference Room

Make a great first impression of your business. Our conference room is perfect for meetings of up to 4-people. In addition to a whiteboard, a smart TV and video conference tools are at your disposal. You can utilize this space for in-person or Zoom meetings and presentations.

Day Office

Our fully furnished, private day office is great whether you’re meeting with 1-2 people or just need a place to work without distractions.

This space is ideal when your meeting involves discussing sensitive information or if you prefer to have a desk between you and your client.


Some days you may be on the road and need a quiet space to complete a form, spreadsheet, or fire off some emails. Book one of our workstations when you just need to get work done and check it off your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I book a reservation, what can I expect?
First, send us your logo prior to your reservation date. If you don’t have one, simply let us know and we’ll create a door sign with your business name and post it at your meeting space prior to your arrival. Second, let us know how you’d like us to receive your client. Some people ask us to have their client sit in the reception area, then let them know so they can come out, greet the client, then escort them to the meeting space. Others are ready to rock as soon as they arrive and ask us to simply escort their client straight to the meeting space upon arrival. If your client arrives a little early and/or you’re currently in a meeting, we’ll offer them a drink of water while they wait.
How can I plan for a successful meeting?
We highly suggest that you give your clients detailed instructions on how to find us. In addition to providing accurate driving directions, we also advise you to provide comprehensive instructions on how to locate our suite. The reason for this is because Suite 312 was built after all the other commercial suites in the building had already been constructed. Let your clients know that if they follow the numbered sequence of the other commercial offices, they will be led in the opposite direction of Resource Suites. You can create an email template or system of your choice to address this important step. Feel free to copy and paste the instructions provided on our Contact Us page.
How do I use your video conference tools?
We strongly recommend that you take the time to come in prior to your Zoom meeting or video conference to get familiar with the equipment. This way, you’ll know how to use the features you need and ensure that you’re on-time and ready to do business, without embarrassing mishaps.
If I’m not a client of Resource Suites and I want to use your meeting space, how do I make a reservation?
We partner with which is an online booking platform that allows you to make reservations live in real-time. Go to and book a space. We’ll see you on the day of your reservation.

In today’s high paced business world, maintaining a professional image is everything when it comes to marketing your brand.

“Great company and staff. Worked with them for over 10 years”

– Steven C.