The Most Prestigious Virtual Office Address in Honolulu

How can a virtual office benefit your business?

When registering a business, using your home address can be a good way to cut costs. In the long run, however, it may affect your professional image and your privacy. In most cases, using your home address can make people view your business as unprofessional. Additionally, when you list your home address as your business address, you blur the separation between home and work life. This can lead to confusion and a possible invasion of privacy as your business address is public information. When you choose Resource Suites as your virtual office space, it gives your business credibility and keeps your family safe.

Why choose Resource Suites?

With us, you get more than a virtual office. Our goal is to provide you with support and tools to help grow your business. In your first year with us, we’ll do quarterly wellness check-ups to see how you’re doing and what challenges you’re facing, then find resources to help you overcome those challenges. It’s our way of holding your hand and walking alongside you in your journey to success.

Signing up with‌ us is as easy as:

  1. Choose a virtual office plan that’s right for you
  2. Register either online or in-person
  3. Finalize registration in person or via public notary

Why you need to complete registration in person

Comparison Table

Compare our Virtual Office Plans at a Glance Professional Expert Virtuoso Champion
Prestigious Honolulu Business Address + Mail Services & More! X X X X
Front door directory listing X X X X
Courteous and Professional Guest Reception Services X X X X
Mail Services X X X X
Drop Off/Pick-up Document Assistance X X X X
Sign for Parcels (Includes notification of receipt) X X X X
Access to Additional RS Services at Preferred Client Rates X X X X
Free WiFi X X X X
Convenient and Affordable Garage-Access Parking X X X X
16 Hours/Month Access to Open Workstations X
License Hanging for Up To 2 Licenses! X
20 Hours/Month Access to Open Workstations and Various Meeting Spaces X
Local 808 Business Number X
25 Hours/Month Access to Open Workstations and Various Meeting Spaces X
Live Receptionist Answered Calls Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5:00 X
Private Mailbox with 24 Hour Access X
$135/month $195/month $275/month $395/month

*All plans require a 12-month commitment
*By signing up you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to refuse service.
*All sign-ups are subject to final approval. If we cannot accommodate your business we will process your refund.

When you choose Resource Suites as your virtual office space, it gives your business credibility and keeps your family safe.


  • Additional DBA: Receipt of mail for additional DBA’s (One free DBA included with every plan) $35/mo per additional DBA
  • After-hours: 24-hour access to our facility $200/mo
  • Business number: Local 808 business number that forwards directly to your phone $35/mo
  • License hanging: Display up to two (2) licenses or certificates in our office $75/mo
  • Open and scan: We’ll open your mail and scan the contents to you $15/per request
  • Private mailbox: Private mailbox with 24/7 access $25/mo
  • Receptionist: Live receptionist answered calls during hours of operation M-F 8:30am-5:00pm $100/mo


Client Rates

  • Conference room $35/hour
  • Day office $25/hour
  • Open Office $15/hour
  • Workstation desk $7/hour
  • Black/white copies/prints .15
  • Color copies/prints .25
  • Document scanning FREE UNLIMITED

Non-Client Rates

  • Conference room $50/hour
  • Day office $50/hour
  • Open Office $30/hour
  • Workstation desk 15/hour
  • Black/white copies/prints .25
  • Color copies/prints .35
  • Document scanning .15

Miscellaneous Fees

Administrative Assistance $15/per request *By approval
*All prices are subject to Hawaii General Excise Tax

Frequently Asked Questions

What are quarterly wellness checks-ups?
Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, we begin our journey with you to help you grow your business. Starting in your first month, we’ll reach out to find out what you need help with in order to grow your business, then connect you with resources to assist you. We’ll check in with you every 3- months for 1 year.
What else makes you different from other companies offering virtual office services?
Our clients are not members. Unlike our competitors, access to our space and services are not treated like a membership. Member based services are limited to you (the owner) and fees are often charged on a per person basis. We want to help you succeed in every way we can. If you’re unable to attend an important meeting or have a colleague that is integral to closing the sale, you can have an assistant or colleague either join you or take your place. We simply require advanced notice in writing to support a positive experience for all involved.
How do I get my mail?
Mail is forwarded at the end of each work week or placed in your private mailbox depending on the services you’ve selected.
How do I know when I’ve received mail?
We offer notification services for only $5/month. We’ll scan the face of every piece of mail you’ve received so you’ll know what to expect when mail is forwarded to you.
Do you accept service of process?
We DO NOT accept “Walk-in” service of process. However, as long as legal documents are mailed via USPS certified mail, the item will be accepted and signed for. We will then scan the envelope to you, allowing you to see the name of the sender.

A Virtual Office is ideal for people who work remotely or those who want to possess a business address without the high overhead of renting a physical office space

“Located on the third floor of the Landmark Waikiki building, Resource Suites is a hybrid office built for entrepreneurs, start-ups and people like me who work in their pajamas. You can rent a furnished office space or just work out of the general work space and get your mail sent there. No more PO Box for me! I usually set-up in the cubicle side with my laptop and get an amazing amount of work done during the days that I choose to be there. The problem sometimes with working out of your home is that you often have the distractions of your personal life around you such as laundry, dishes, TV, random food, etc. When you work out of a virtual office such as this you can just concentrate on the tasks at hand.”

– Emi H.